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Valley Mills Public Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.

Library Card and Check-out Policies

Books are checked-out for 14 days; 15 cents per day per book overdue fine, with a $5.00 cap.

Patrons are issued a card.  The first card is free; replacement cards are $1.00.   Cards must be renewed every three years; to renew, one must be in good standing with the library. 

Patrons may check out 3 books at a time during the first six months; 5 to 7 (or more ) books for regular patrons.

Computer Use Policy (general  only)

The Valley Mills Public Library has 4 Internet computers  and a lap top  for public use.

  • Patrons must sign up the first time for computer privileges.
  • Patrons have a one hour limit on the computer if someone else is waiting.
  • Homework use, applications, etc. is a first priority-- and can extend the time as needed.
  • Printing is 25 cents per page; there is no charge for printing for a homework assignment (within reason!)
  • Patron must abide by state and federal laws
  • A patron may be suspended for not abiding by state or federal laws, or having  obscenity or pornography on the screen; the patron 's computer session will be quickly terminated in that case and suspended until at least the next quarterly board meeting. 

Computer use is on a first come-first serve basis; however, if a patron has had more than an hour session, and begins another session, that patron must yield to someone who has not had a session, or at least as much time on the computers as he or she has had.   In other words, we try to equalize the time for everyone.   This is an especially important rule after school or in the summer-time!