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Valley Mills Public Library

Valley Mills Library Association, Inc.

P. O. Box 25, 
Valley Mills, TX 76689--0025
   At the annual meeting/ board meeting on January 19,2023 Clova Gibson was re-elected as President of the association and board.
The officers and board members  of the association serve as the governing body of the Valley Mills Public Library.  As of  January 19, 2023   they are as follows:   (See "About Us") 
President-- Clova Gibson
Vice-President --Alice Filler
Secretary --Janie Baker
Treasurer--  Kitty Poston
Board member -- Daphne Lindberg Tenant
Board member -- Perla Perea McMullen
Board member -- Robin Prause
Library Director/Librarian  -- Kathleen Fisk Hale
Dues for the Association are due each January at the annual meeting for the year.